is moving

As I write this, the theme song from The Jeffersons, “Movin’ On Up”, is running through my head. I don’t remember all of the words, but the opening stanza goes something like this:

Movin’ on up!
To the east side.
To a deluxe apartment
in the sky.

It’ s a bouncy, happy, gospel-flavored song. I always seem to think of it or hum it whenever I’m planning a move of some kind. The weird thing is, I never watched the show when it was on television. I saw the opening montage enough for it to stick with me, I guess.

So what’s moving over here? Well, the main server at Monty Program has been doing more than its fair share for a while, and it has done a decent job at it, but it’s time to give it a bit of a break, so we’re going to be moving some of its responsibilities to other servers over the coming weeks. The first service I’ve chosen to move is the website. The move will happen on February 25th.

Thanks to the beauty of DNS, the move should be completely transparent to most users. There will be a brief period of read-only access while I copy the database from the old server to the new server, but that will only affect those that want to edit the wiki, or add things to worklog.

Of course, anything can happen during a move, so if you notice any weirdness on the site this Thursday, pop into #maria on freenode and let me or one of the other ops know.