Dell Warning Message

So we have this server from Dell that’s been giving us trouble . . . (a dual quad-core 1950 with 16GB of RAM and two 750GB Hard Drives in a RAID 1, if you must know).

Dell comes back and says the bios needs to be updated on it and they give us a LiveCD to use when performing the bios upgrade.

After booting the LiveCD and logging in as root, we get the following message:

Dell OM Live CD Warning Message

Ummm . . . it’s funny, yeah, but it sure doesn’t inspire confidence.

Hey Dell, how about some official tools? Thanks.

4 thoughts on “Dell Warning Message”

  1. Thats some funny stuff. Is that supposed to be a Fixit cd or just a livecd that has the Dell Open Manage daemon so you can read the BIOS log and machine hardware info? (fan speeds and voltages and stuff).

    1. The second one. As far as I can tell it is just a livecd with the Open Manage daemon and a few other things.

      The thing is, all of the livecds we’ve ever received from Dell for troubleshooting purposes have some sort of warning that they are unofficial in one way or the other.

      I wish they would come out with an official one. A company the size of Dell should be able to do it easily.

  2. Yes, Alex, I am asking for something like what you linked to. Above all, I think a company the size of Dell could at least provide something official instead of these LiveCDs that have been made by individual Dell employees to make their lives easier.

    Dell obviously has people that can create LiveCDs. They should use the talent they have and create an official LiveCD.

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