Big Changes Ahead

Big changes are afoot in the Bartholomew household.

Big changes are afoot in the Bartholomew household.

29 May 2009 will be my last day at my current employer. Global Knowledge has been good to me these past four years. I’ll miss working with the people in my group. It is a very Linux and Open Source friendly group and I’ve learned a lot while I’ve been here.

So, where will I be going? Funny you should ask… 🙂

For those of you familiar with databases, Michael (Monty) Widenius is the founder and original developer of the MySQL database. The database is named after his daughter, My. In 2008 he sold the database and the MySQL company he co-founded to Sun Microsystems. After being at Sun for a few months he decided to leave. The MySQL database is Open Source software, so he was able to create a branch of MySQL called MariaDB (Maria is Monty’s other daughter).

Starting on 1 June 2009 I will start working as a technical writer and sys-admin for Monty Program Ab, the company Monty set up to develop and support MariaDB.

I’m very excited for this new opportunity and while it will bring lots of changes one thing that won’t be changing is our address. We’re staying right where we are.

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