MariaDB Cookbook has been published!

MariaDB CookbookMy MariaDB Cookbook has now been published by Packt. This is my second MariaDB book and joins a growing library of MariaDB focused books (in addition to my two and the MariaDB Crash Course book, I know of at least two others that are currently being written).

This cookbook project began about the middle of 2013 and I always wanted to have it available at the Percona Live conference in Santa Clara, CA the 1-4 Apr 2014. Long lead times in the print publishing industry always meant that it was iffy if it would be ready in time. Thanks to some extra effort by Packt the book, as of last week, has now been officially published and can be purchased directly from Packt or from Amazon and other online technical book sellers.

The book, like other technical cookbooks, is a collection of recipes about how to do various things in MariaDB. There are chapters on the TokuDB storage engine, Sphinx, HandlerSocket, virtual and dynamic columns, the Cassandra storage engine, the Connect storage engine, and much much more.

I’ve put in an order for several paperback copies, and assuming they don’t get held up somewhere along the way, they should arrive at the hotel I’m staying at for the conference right around the same time that I do.

For the conference I’ll be mainly hanging out in the expo hall at the SkySQL booth. So if you’d like a copy, and the delivery gods are kind, just find me and you’ll be able to get one for substantially less than the regular cover price, because that’s just how I roll. 🙂

I’ll also have several copies of my first MariaDB book, Getting Started With MariaDB, with me. This is a 100% sure thing since there’s a stack of them sitting right next to my computer and they’ll be going into my suitcase next week when I start packing for the trip.

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