Dell doesn’t have a clue

In a previous post I mentioned how Dell was being really slow about shipping a laptop to me.

Well, I called up Dell and asked them about it and got the response: ummm… we don’t know.

Excuse me? Not knowing is not an option in this day and age. Companies track parts down to the individual screws, so saying that you have no idea where an entire laptop is, or why the order has not been delivered yet is impossible to believe. They’re either lying, hiding something, incompetent, or all three.

Here’s what my order status page currently says:

My Dell order status on 2009-09-30
My Dell order status on 2009-09-30

See the “Data Temporarily Unavailable” bit in the “Estimated Delivery Date” section? It’s been that way for well over a week now. Their definition of “temporary” must be different than mine.

2 thoughts on “Dell doesn’t have a clue”

  1. That is SO weird! What are you going to do? Can you cancel the order? Can’t they figure out what happened somehow – I mean – SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! 🙂

  2. That’s not necessarily true. I ordered a high-end server from a reputable UK custom assembly house this year: they shipped it, the online shipping order showed it reaching a routing node in Birmingham… and then it evaporated, along with its lorry and driver. The assembly house couldn’t find it, the routing company turned their warehouses upside down and couldn’t find it… in the end they paid out the insurance and threw the whole problem at the police, ‘cos it looks like the lorry driver stole it (along with everything else in that lorry).

    I got sent a new server, but for some time (a week plus) the answer to the question ‘where is my £3000 server’ was exactly that: ‘we don’t know’. Everyone was tracking everything, but the tracking database wasn’t being updated because the person who was supposed to update it was a thief (or was abducted by aliens).

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