trying out drivel

Drivel is the next offline blog poster I’m trying out.

This one has more features (compared to gnome-blog-poster) including:

  1. The ability to view recent posts.
  2. Image linking (alas, no uploading).
  3. A formatting menu for simple HTML formatting.
  4. The ability to save drafts.
  5. The ability to set the category of the post.

Some Limitations:

  • The lists it creates are all unordered lists. You can manually change them into ordered lists, but there’s no menu item for creating ordered lists.
  • It doesn’t appear to be able to create new categories and when loading old entries it doesn’t set the Category: drop-down menu to the category (or categories) the post is assigned to.
  • The HTML formatting is inserted as raw tags (no WYSIWYG).
  • No ability to assign tags to an entry that I can see.

It’s simple and limited, but seems to work well enough.

Here’s a screenshot:

Drivel Screenshot
Drivel Screenshot

From the screenshot you may have noticed that it messed up the list. I think this was my fault. Also, the drafts are saved locally. An option to save them to the blog as drafts so I can edit the post online from a different location later would be nice.

One final note: editing previous blog posts appears to work.

3 thoughts on “trying out drivel”

  1. So these are just ones you would want to use for offline blogging then? ‘Cause blogger sounds SO much COOOLER!! 😉

  2. Offline in the sense that you write your post on your local computer and then click on the “Publish” button to actually post the entry to your blog. Both drivel and gnome-blog-poster support several blogging platforms.

  3. Hey that is cool–just writing it on the computer and clicking “post”. Daniel, you are one smart guy. All the computer things you write about–you’d think you’d be working for a company like Monty Program AB or something.

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