trying out drivel

Drivel is the next offline blog poster I’m trying out.

This one has more features (compared to gnome-blog-poster) including:

  1. The ability to view recent posts.
  2. Image linking (alas, no uploading).
  3. A formatting menu for simple HTML formatting.
  4. The ability to save drafts.
  5. The ability to set the category of the post.

Some Limitations:

  • The lists it creates are all unordered lists. You can manually change them into ordered lists, but there’s no menu item for creating ordered lists.
  • It doesn’t appear to be able to create new categories and when loading old entries it doesn’t set the Category: drop-down menu to the category (or categories) the post is assigned to.
  • The HTML formatting is inserted as raw tags (no WYSIWYG).
  • No ability to assign tags to an entry that I can see.

It’s simple and limited, but seems to work well enough.

Here’s a screenshot:

Drivel Screenshot
Drivel Screenshot

From the screenshot you may have noticed that it messed up the list. I think this was my fault. Also, the drafts are saved locally. An option to save them to the blog as drafts so I can edit the post online from a different location later would be nice.

One final note: editing previous blog posts appears to work.